Snowed In

A pretty big storm hit Atlanta this past Sunday night. I have never seen snow accumulate so quickly. It was so beautiful on Monday morning to see everything blanketed and untouched.  The kids enjoyed playing out in the snow on Monday and Mom and Dad enjoyed an extended weekend. Tuesday came and went and we did not dare to leave because everything had iced over. By Wednesday, things were still a mess and we began to have some cabin fever. This morning, things returned to normal and Ian went off to work. We were sad to see him go. I must admit that the past several days were a welcomed interruption. We had a lot of fun being just being a family.

8 Months- Moving Target

Hello Friends! So each month we take a picture of Asher with this frog. This month, he had other ideas. We’ve got a crawler…and a mover and a shaker! Amazing what 8 months will do.

And he's off.....

second try...

"ohhhh this is what you want me to do...look at you"