Jude’s Memory Verses

We love our church for so many reasons. Like really love that place. This is just another reason why….2 weeks ago, Jude’s amazing preschool teachers came up with the idea to have the kids in their class learn Matthew 28: 1-6. Six verses! We are still beaming over how well he did. Jude has an August birthday and is the youngest in his class in some cases by nearly a year, but he was still able to do this!

Easter in Pictures

We really enjoyed Easter weekend around here. It was filled with Easter baskets, egg hunting, painting a canvas, family time and of course eating well! Hope you enjoyed yours too.

So thankful for His payment on our behalf.

Decorating Easter Baskets
Making Resurrection Rolls
Making He's Risen Rolls- These were pretty cool!
Good Friday, writing out our sins for our KidStuf activity. Such a neat visual of what Christ did!
Sunday Morning-Kids getting their loot.
All dressed up with our neighbor who joined us for church.
Massive Chadwick Easter Egg Hunt.
A copperhead tried to join the Chadwick Easter, but the men got rid of him!
Asher's getting in on the actiont!
Our family of 5 :-).
The Whole Crew without my SIL Greyson (we missed you Grey).
Covering over the sin on the canvas.
Our sins are covered!