Hello Again as a next step

We are back in town after a 7 day trip away to Austria. Last Friday we grabbed the kids from school and drove for 7 hours to a small town outside of Graz called Deutschlandsberg. We met up with a church who we will eventually intern with once we get to Vienna. Over the weekend we got the question a lot about when we’re coming to Vienna and what our plans are once we get there. Almost each time that I got that question I answered it in some form of we don’t know but right now we’re in Augsburg and we have to simply take the next step until it leads to the next.

The past 6 months haven’t seen a lot of words on this blog and since I’m the major contributor you usually get to hear my voice. My words on life here have been few. It’s not that there hasn’t been lots to tell you but I think I’ve said this before- it’s really hard for me to write about fluff. I want to be honest about how we are doing and so to be fair I have to say it’s been a bit harder than I expected over the winter months. It’s been a winter of taking the next step and trusting that God will meet me…meet us… right there. Sometimes that’s been going to 3 grocery stores to get next weeks meals. It’s been finding the right German class for mom to get involved in. It’s been filling out applications for Asher to go to preschool and then figuring out exactly where he should go. It’s breaking up yet another fight between siblings. It’s putting on jackets when you just want to wear a tank top and flip flops because the calendar says its May for goodness sakes. It’s entering into the messy friendship when you don’t have the energy, it’s taking risks and being bold for His sake.   It’s easy to say we’re just taking the next step but when you’re a person who’s wired to know what’s coming, the faith and trust required to only be able to step one step further is sometimes overwhelming.

So here’s a next step on the blog and I’m saying hello again. No promises about how frequent or how often the words will come but I know there are many of you out there who read and who want to know what’s new in our lives. For tonight however, I just want to say hello and wish you all a great weekend and steps of Joy and Peace.