Taking the Plunge

“You are never going to move if you wait for fear to disappear.”
(Brent Shoemaker, NPCC)

Confession, I have never jumped in at the deep end of the pool. I don’t mean this summer but like never in my life. It’s not that I don’t know how to swim (although I only learned after Ellison was born), I’m just afraid of being completely submerged and out of control. Every summer I hang out in the shallow end and watch people jumping off confidently into the deep end. I keep thinking this is going to be my year and then the moment passes. If I sit and think of it rationally it doesn’t make any sense to be afraid of jumping into 6 or 7 feet of water when I have the ability to jump in and swim to the side but the truth is…I am. I want this to be my summer and I want you to join me by “Taking the Plunge.”

Here’s the skinny folks, we really need to get to 70% of our monthly support by mid-July the end of summer. That equals 1425 845├é┬ádollars more per month. Once we are there, we can start preparing for the final stages of getting us to Austria. Now, here’s where you come in. We don’t personally know anyone who has 1000+ spare dollars per month to give to our efforts. We, however, have found that a few things at Target can quickly add up to 40 or 50 bucks. I mean who can resist those red tags!?! That 40 or 50 dollars to a missionary is golden. Maybe you’re like me, you’ve been hanging out near the deep end and watching others jump in but you’re a bit unsure if you’re ready to take the dive and stretch yourself financially. If you’ve heard our story and have been meaning to call us back, email us or start your giving just let us know here. Once we’ve reached 70% you can come right on back over to Chadwicksinaustria.org and see a video of me taking my first jump. So come on….. take the plunge and join our team and then watch me overcome my fear of the deep end……YIKES.

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